Rules for Long Term FWB Relationships

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When it comes to successfully managing a friends with benefits relationship, there are some rules that have to be considered. In order to maintain the integrity of your FWB relationship, you will need to make sure that everyone is on the same page and anything that needs to be respected is respected. If you intend to keep a FWB relationship going for the long-term, this can become even more complicated because of the likelihood that you will run into new issues. Just like with any kind of relationship, you will need to make sure that your FWB is comfortable for both parties, and being aware of the needs of the other person becomes even more important. This is why we have compiled this list of rules for when you are in a long-term FWB relationship.

Long Term FWB

Don't Catch Feels

The most obvious and important rule when it comes to managing a long-term FWB relationship is to not catch feels. Since you are planning on keeping it as FWB, you will need to make sure that as you two learn more about one another and grow closer, you are both on the same page about what your relationship is or isn't.

Talk About The Sex

If you want to nurture a strong FWB relationship that can truly last, you want to place a special emphasis on making sure that you two can talk about the sex that you are having. The reality is that if you two aren't having good sex, there is literally no point to the relationship. In order to dodge this, be ready to open the dialogue and make sure that you are both getting an enjoyable experience that is worth preserving.

Respect Other Relationships

Not all long-term FWB relationships are necessarily that consistent. Sometimes you two might end up dating other people, which means that you need to be open to backing off when one of you two end up seeing someone else. It's fine to pick it back up if the other person splits, but it is important to respect the boundaries that your FWB might have if their circumstances change.

Don't Be Clingy

A huge issue with FWB relationships over the long-term is that they can get a little too comfortable. Make sure that you guys keep a pretty solid line between your FWB status and dating. This will help you to make sure that your relationship will last instead of fizz out because something got weird. Take time to see other people and have fun.


Despite what some people think, you can absolutely have a long-term FWB relationship, and it can actually be a pretty amazing thing. However, in the event that you find yourself going down this avenue, remember that communication is key. If you are going to pull this off in a way that is completely comfortable for both of you, you will need to focus on talking through any needs that you might have. Make sure that you both understand what you are signing up for and focus on having fun.